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Broggi - Our company has been producing unique and refined

Modern designs meet classic shapes in the best of Italian tradition in cutlery and hollowware, Since 1818.
objects for almost 200 years: a story of prestige and great success. Our products have always contained the professionalism of master silversmiths of other times, well-finished products, from the classical and refined lines. A historical brand, while respecting the original guidelines, does not remain anchored to the memory of the magnificence of the past, professionalism and dedication do not change, but the constant attention and monitoring of new design trends contribute to give it a dynamic and constantly evolving image today. In addition to the decorations and reliefs of the most classical lines, historical collections that have left their mark on the tradition of international hotel; new lines from linear sections, smooth surfaces and forms of design arise that make the silversmith company a name of tradition always oriented to the future